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For New Project Managers

The tools and techniques taught in this book (and in greater depth in most MBA programs) will increase your professional tool kit and give you skills you can immediately use in your job. I try to use the tools demonstrated in this book whenever applicable in my work – but, honestly, I don’t see these tools commonly used by others. I believe if you can master even a few of these you will be able to add substantial value and gain positive attention within your organization.

For mid-Career PMs

For those who have been executing projects for a number of years this book can help in a couple of ways. First, for those who want to remain an individual contributor but take on larger or more complex work, this book will introduce you to techniques and tools that, when mastered, will prove you can manage more complex work. As you petition management for more complex work you will be able to demonstrate a broader set of skills. Better yet — you can demonstrate these skills in real life in the project work you’re already doing.

For Experienced PMs

Many of the tools and techniques demonstrated in this book apply to the kinds of problems a PMO leader needs to solve, especially as you look across the entire portfolio of work being requested. These tools can help you optimize resource, clarify priorities and estimate value. These tools can help you transition your PMO from a tactical execution team to a strategic value generation organization. These can also help you bolster your credibility in your org because your colleagues in other orgs may have been taught these tools and will recognize your use of these tools as a sign of elevated professionalism.

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